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IP: ISPI Clips 5.10: 'Deadbeat' Parents Database Goes on Line

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Subject: IP: ISPI Clips 5.10: 'Deadbeat' Parents Database Goes on Line
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 00:11:28 -0700
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ISPI Clips 5.10: 'Deadbeat' Parents Database Goes on Line
News & Info from the Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues (ISPI)
Friday October 2, 1998
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This From: CNN Interactive, September 30, 1998

National Registry to Track 'deadbeat' Parents Goes on Line:
The Federal Case Registry will track the 16 million U.S. parents who are
required to pay child support

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A new national registry aimed at helping keep track of
the 16 million U.S. parents required to pay child support goes on line

The Federal Case Registry is designed to help custodial parents who aren't
receiving child support track down the non-custodial parents who owe the

Once the "deadbeat" parent is located, even in another state, officials can
ask his or her employer to withhold child support from paychecks, which the
employer is obligated to do under federal law.

"This is an exciting day of hope for children whose parents have abandoned
them financially," said U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary Donna Shalala in a statement.

HHS figures show that states now collect about 22 percent of the $50
billion in back child support owed each year. The new database is expected
to be particularly helpful in cases where the children live in a different
state than the deadbeat parent.

"Since one-third of all child support cases are interstate, we now can
confidently close the loopholes for parents escaping their financial
obligations," said Olivia Golden, an HHS assistant secretary.

Custodial parents can enter information about the deadbeat parent in the
registry. That information will then be checked against data in a separate
registry, the National Directory of New Hires, which includes records for
everyone who begins a new job.

Critics of the registry concept say that many custodial parents who try to
go after child support after a multi-year lapse won't have enough accurate
data to make a match.

Fathers' rights groups have also expressed concerns that the tracking
system could be used to invade the privacy of law-abiding parents. However,
Golden says the law that set up the registry prohibits unauthorized use of
the data.

Thirty-nine states will begin entering information into the registry
immediately. The remaining 11 states are expected to come on board during

Correspondent Jennifer Auther contributed to this report.

 1998 Cable News Network, Inc.

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