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Q to cypherpunks. WAS:Re: Please stop forwarding Canadian Firearms Digest to Cypherpunks List!

Q for you CPunks: did PGP v.5.5.3i was truly peer-reviewed for flaws or 
backdoors?  If not, which is that last version that was?

On Sat, 03 Oct 1998 14:20:42 -0700, Bill Stewart wrote:

>Hi!  Of course most of us believe that firearms registration is wrong
>and that the right to own weapons is the right to be free,
>and I suppose it is a break from Clinton&Monica rants,
>but still, please stop forwarding the Canadian firearms stuff to
>the cypherpunks list.  

Is is not about the right to be free, it is about govt organizing seriously to 
deny that right.   :-S

OK, I'll stop.  No problemo Bill.  OTOH, I will still post articles with 
relevance to crypto from the list or elsewhere.

Some of thoses articles will possibly have nothing to do with crypto except 
that they will be modifications or subtleties of ITAR.

Just so you know: I spend a lot of keystrokes teaching PGP to various peoples 

Ciao all C'Punks.


Jean-Francois Avon, Pierrefonds (Montreal), Canada

Unregistered Firearms in the hands of honest citizens: Liberty's Teeth
Strong Cryptographic tools in the hands of honest citizens: Liberty's Voice

He who beats his sword into a ploughshare will get coerced to plow for 
those who don't...

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