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Re: Randomness testing

At 03:36 PM 10/2/98 +1000, Clifford Heath wrote:
>We have been asked by a customer if we have any tests that demonstrate 
>the randomness of the SSLeay random number generator (augmented by some
>sound-card random number seeding that we wrote).
>I'd like to find some standard implementation for testing randomness, but 
>Schneier offers no help (other than a reference to Knuth Vol 2), and I
>don't know where else to turn.
>I realise that cryptographic randomness requires unpredictability, and
>this quality depends upon closed-world assumptions about unknown individuals'
>predictive powers, but we have to live with that.

* Marsaglia's DIEHARD suite, also see DIEHARDC
* I posted code for Maurer's Universal statistical test a week or so
ago; I find this discriminates between a cipher output and real noise...
* Find the RAND corp paper on random numbers 
* See FIPS 140