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RE: I thought of an initialy regulated industry!... (fwd)

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> From: "Blanc" <[email protected]>
> Subject: RE: I thought of an initialy regulated industry!... (fwd)
> Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 21:09:55 -0700

> Free market economices don't "work", simply because they are run by humans,
 who regularly suffer
> psychological breakdowns, envy, and mistakes of judgement, not to mention
 disreputable marketing
> departments.   Regulated economies, however, are run by government drones,
 and are therefore perfect
> vehicles which, with unfailing success, make all of their captive customers

Not so, but I appreciate the sense of irony in your comment.

> Everyone knows this, as we witness the apparent success of all those
 regulated economies overseas
> which outshine the U.S. by three (maybe four) orders of magnitude.  No one
 over there envies the
> U.S. productivity and standard of living, and they never are moved to leave
 and come live over here,
> to give up the benefits which extreme regulation confers upon them, in
 place of the (admittedly
> mixed) free-market fiasco which operates over here, where all things are
 uncertain and frighteningly
> unpredictable.

Simply because people see a better place does not imply it is the *best*

Selecting the lesser of two evils does not magicaly make one a goodness.
It's still an evil.

> In fact, many people become so disgusted with the monopolies and
 disfunctional liberty which exists
> here, that they regularly expatriate to go live in places like Sweden,
 Germany, even Canada, where
> they have the peace of mind and assurance that State coercion will provide
 for their every need  -
> in a most efficient, timely, prompt, and user-friendly manner.
> They never have to worry about who has more or less, who is better or worse,
 or who knows better
> than anyone what is best for everyone.  It's all been pre-established and
 exists incontrovertibly in
> their national consumer database.

It would be nice if  you said something other than "I disagree". It would
really be nice if you cold describe specific examples and hypothesis, but
that obviously is asking too much.

Ah well.


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