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RE: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

>> It is certainly growing but the fact is that by a factor of
>> orders of magnitude commercial Unix'es own that market.
>> When it comes to mission critical servers Solaris, HP, &
>> AIX own the market still.
>The number one server is not Microsoft, and is not commercial.

Apache is the #1 server if you count by "web sites on the Internet".
Lots of web sites aren't on the Internet, but inside corporate nets,
which are more likely to be running commercial software, whether
commercial or NT, while people with home machines obviously prefer free.

But what if you count by "pages served per day"?  High-volume servers
are likely to run on bigger machines than low-volume servers,
so they're more likely to be running commercial Unix,
though some may be running on multi-Pentium systems with NT.
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