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odd comment

A friend of mine works in an IT department
for a major tech company.  Three of the people in
his department were just transfered to their new contract.

They are rewiring some of the network for a highway system
in California that monitors for explosives.

Now, he doesn't know anything more than that.
In California there are several highway stretches that have large
metal telephone poles stretching accross the two right lanes
of a major three lane highway.  On top of the poles are two 
metal boxes about the size large bread boxes.

Now any idea what those boxes are?
and if anyone has heard of this monitoring system and if so
what agency is responsible for this?

Also does anyone know who is responsible for all the cameras
that now monitor the highways?  Almost every overpass in Sacramento
has one that views each stretch of the highway.


Welcome to 1984
as with all goverment projects, its a bit late 
and slightly overbudget