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At 4:02 AM -0500 10/5/98, Reeza! wrote:
>At 11:12 PM 10/4/98 +0200, Anonymous wrote:
>>At 12:59 PM 10/3/98 -0400, Michael Motyka wrote:
>>>> There is a desert which is 1000 miles across. There is a camel who can
>>>> 1000 bananas maximum. The camel eats 1 banana per mile travelled. The
>>>> has a total of 3000 bananas to begin with. What is the maximum number of
>>>> bananas that the camel can get across to the other side uneaten?
>>>My camels don't understand/can't eat fractional bananas.
>>Why are bananas quantized in the presense of camels?  Is this
>>a quantum-computing thing?
>Are we stipulating that the camel will travel in a straight line?
>Or will it meander a bit, following the path of least resistanct through
>the dunes?

	If the camel is going to meander, following some perceived "path of
least resistence", then could it's back and forths be used as a source of
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