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Re: US Rights Violations

At 8:38 PM -0700 10/5/98, John Young wrote:
>We offer Amnesty International's devastating critique
>of US human rights violations, due to be released
>in hardcopy tomorrow:
>   http://jya.com/usa-rfa.htm  (365K)
>It recounts in voluminous, documented, gruesome detail
>what American justice is truly like in prisons, jails, precinct
>houses, on the highways and in the streets.
>After this it's going to difficult for the US to preach human
>rights violations to other countries.

By the way, "The New Yorker" on the newstands has a major article by
Seymour Hersh explaining why many experts think the U.S. bombing of the
"nerve gas factory" [sic] in Khartoum was unjustified, and the bombings of
the Afghan sites were unproductive (even if possibly more justifiable).

And there was a report I saw flying by on this list or on the Usenet to the
effect that several of the top military commanders who should have been
consulted were not, and that Louis Freeh, who was in Nairobi on the
investigation, was not consulted. (I don't know how credible this report

Many nations have condemned the "cowboy antics." (Normally I'm not too
sympathetic to charges that the U.S. is behaving like a "cowboy," but in
this case it appears to be an apt description.)

If it turns out that Clinton acted rashly to escape his own Cigargate
problems, and that the normal chains of command were bypassed, then his
head will really roll.

We may have to actually hang the fucker for high treason. (Though I guess
the new PC method is lethal injection.)

The "Wag the Dog II" war in Albania (coincidence?) is just icing on the cake.

--Tim May

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