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Re: Camel

OK, here is my solution ;)

Load 1000 bananas on the camel. Make him walk 990 miles. 10 banana left.
Get 10 unemployed people.  Make them carry 200 bananas each.  Since no-one
can eat more than 1 banana per 10 miles(at a sustained rate anyways) make
them walk 990 miles.  1010 bananas left.  Load 990 on the camel. Each guy
has 1 banana left for the last 10 miles.  Camel eats 10 bananas on last 10
miles. QED 990 bananas on the other side.


Make camel walk a mile.  Make him stop.  Walk back and carry all 2000
bananas left to current spot.  Put one banana on camel to get 1000 again.
Make him walk 1 mile again and repeat. At other side unload 999(or 1000 if
you were clever enough to carry the extra one that the camel eats on the
last mile in your pocket) bananas. Leave one on the camel for the mile back.
Walk camel back a mile .  load 1000 bananas.  Unload 999 bananas. You should
now have 1998 bananas.


Buy a damned 4X4.  We all know camels don't like bananas and would rather
bite you than carry 1000 of them.

Regards ;)