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Re: odd comment

Sounds like a potential urban legend or at least a misnaming of some
comprehensible system.

> A friend of mine works in an IT department
> for a major tech company.  Three of the people in
> his department were just transfered to their new contract.
> They are rewiring some of the network for a highway system
> in California that monitors for explosives.
What are the techniques that could be used for detecting conventional
materials? I can't think of anything likely to work through a vehicle
panel on a highway at 65 mph. Doesn't mean there isn't such a system. I
guess a neutron counter or other radiation detector might be useful for
spotting the scary new  SUPERTERRORISTS.

> On top of the poles are two 
> metal boxes about the size large bread boxes.
> Now any idea what those boxes are?
If they have plastic windows they could be speed measurement devices.
I'd be interested in driving by some, are there some examples that are
closer to Pleasanton? You can always ask your highway department
representative - they might talk before thinking even if it's something