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Re: camels and bananas, for some reason.

At 12:59 PM 10/3/98 -0400, Michael Motyka wrote:
> There is a desert which is 1000 miles across. There is a camel who can 
> carry 1000 bananas maximum. The camel eats 1 banana per mile travelled.
> The camel has a total of 3000 bananas to begin with. What is the maximum
> number of bananas that the camel can get across to the other side
> uneaten?

I had to solve this problem before, don't remember specifics (of the whole 
process that is), but to get the bananas across, you couldn't just carry
them straight through, you had to drop some off, i.e. carry 1000 bananas,
walk 333 miles (eating 333 bananas), drop off 334, walk back (finishing off
the remaining ones), then when you got to that point again, (the 333 mark)
you would have 1000 again... the answer was 533+(1/3) iirc