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Re : IP: Microchip implants to foil VIP kidnaps

> ITALIAN dignitaries who fear being kidnapped are having
> microprocessor homing devices planted in their bodies so police can
> track them down if they are abducted.
Where can I buy one of these things for my cat? My master password is
tatooed inside her upper lip.

This brand new GPS system works through a metal barrier?

For transport just tuck the subject in the back of an aluminum cargo
truck and for long-term storage use a metal wharehouse. Contrary to
popular belief there is not a technical solution for every problem. How
about -well-paid- bodyguards?

Ask an engineer to solve a problem you get Tom Swift and his amazing
electrogenerating geodetector.
Ask a politician to solve a problem you get a law.
Ask a doctor to solve a problem and he'll either cut or medicate.
Ask a soldier to solve a problem...
And so on...

I suppose ridiculous solutions are fine as long as they make money or
fame for someone.