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Yet Again Another Snake Oil Vendor

Below is a message I posted to the SpyKing mailing list a few months back
when Jaws decided to spam the list with their crypto "challange".

>From: "William H. Geiger III" <[email protected]>
>Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 14:41:24 -0500
>To: SpyKing <[email protected]>
>In-Reply-To: <[email protected]>
>Subject: POST RE: $5,000,000 Encryption contest


In <[email protected]>, on 06/01/98 
   at 02:38 AM, SpyKing <[email protected]> said:

>15)From: [email protected]
>Subject: $5,000,000 "Break the Code" Encryption Contest

>Friday May 29, 3:00 pm Eastern Time
>Company Press Release
>SOURCE: JAWS Technologies Inc.

>JAWS Launches $5,000,000 ``Break the Code'' Encryption Contest

<sigh> Yet another Snake-oil post.

Such challenges like this are really meaningless and are designed as a
publicity stunt to gain some free press rather than as a legitimate test
of the strength of the algorithms involved.

The *only* way to test the security of an algorithm is through a process
of peer-review of the source code.

Until JAWS Technologies decides to go through this process I would stay
far away from this and any other products they may produce. It seems quite
clear that they have little to no understanding of the cryptology &
security fields.

I don't know what it is about the list but it seems that we must endure
these snake-oil posts on a periodic basis.

While I have replied here to many of these snake-oil advertisements I have
yet to see one of these companies post a rebuttal (to the list or

I have submitted a copy of the Snake-Oil FAQ to SpyKing requesting that he
publish it to the list (it's a little long so I don't want to post it
directly). It can also be found at:


Security & Encryption are the big buzz-words in the computer industry and
many companies are looking to cash-in on it. Be very wary of Johnny Come
Lately's who overnight become cryptology "experts".

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