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Re: Sad news ... (... or not ;-))

At 3:30 PM -0500 10/6/98, Robert Hettinga wrote:
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>Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 18:02:28 +0100
>To: Robert Hettinga <[email protected]>
>Subject: Sad news ...
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>I figured you might be interested in today's news: DigiCash Amsterdam has
>officially gone bankrupt.

>Even though anyone can access the news (although probably not yet in
>form), I'd appreciate if you don't mention me as being the one who told you
>I take it that the details will be brought to light in the coming few weeks.

>Anyway, I believe this is very bad news for all those who believe in "bearer
>certificates" or whatever one might like to call them.

	Then again, maybe it won't be.

	Who owns the patents, Digicash, or Chaum?

	If it's digicash, who will buy the rights to it, and what would
"they" do with that technology.
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