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Re: Web TV with 128b exported

>#   http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/981005/ca_microso_1.html
>#   William Reinsch, U.S.  undersecretary for export administration:
>#   ``The WebTV Network provides secure communications for its
>#   customers and partners without posing undue risks to
>#   national security and law enforcement.'' 
>Either it is interceptable and decodable or it isn't.
>If it isn't, then software browsers (Netscape/IE) should
>be allowed to do it too.
>Perhaps Declan could investigate and get a story out of it.

He is off the grid until next week, at which point he starts working for
Wired News. We'l try to get something on this for Wednesday.


James Glave, News Editor, Wired News, http://www.wired.com  (415) 276-8430