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Re: Another potential flaw in current economic theory... (fwd)

On Tue, Oct 06, 1998 at 01:03:25PM -0500, Jim Choate wrote:

> Wrong. Socialism is the belief that property is best managed and owned by
> the government. This is within the context of a free market. This means that
> the *ONLY* two parties involved are the producers and consumers. I am
> discussing an alternative approach to business management.

I think the property refered to is "capital goods" or "the means of

> Fascism is the belief that property should be owned by private individuals
> but managed by governments.

how can you "own" something yet not control it?  fascism is a form of

> Capitalism is the belief that property should be owned and managed by the
> individual. Note that this definition doesn't prevent 3rd party regulatory
> bodies, but they neither own or manage the activity, only limit its' scope.

if a "3rd party regulatory body" has any ability to "limit" through a 
monopoly of force granted by the state it is a part of the state

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