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Interesting document by an anonymous 'guy' (Echelon)

Hey, at http://www.bsnet.co.uk/chris/nsa.txt there is an interesting paper
on how the NSA has been spying etcetera to do with  echelon, i would post
some, but it is all good, and is 518K a quick bit from the top....

"I haven't posted or updated it in a while, but here is the gathered
documentation on our governments' massive spying on us, including domestic
phone calls.", then later.....

	"This is about much more than just cryptography.  It is also
	about everyone in the U.S.A. being fingerprinted for a 
	defacto national ID card, about massive illegal domestic
	spying by the NSA, about the Military being in control of 
	key politicians, about always being in a state of war, and 
	about cybernetic control of society"

With the recent talk about Echelon I thought I would bring it up.....


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