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American Justice Threat List

Some of the Justice/FBI Wish List legislative requests,
outlined by Rep. Bob Barr a few days ago, are being
implemented in two recent docs:

1. House/Senate Conference Report on HR3694, 
Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 1999:

   http://jya.com/hr105-780.txt  (108K)

An excerpt from this report, Foreign Intelligence and
International Terrorism Investigations, describes 
expanded wiretap and encryption provisions:

   http://jya.com/fiiti.htm  (36K)

Note the planned use of "volunteers" to assist Justice
with encryption and other features added to original bills
by the House/Senate conference, in line with Barr's

2. The International Crime and Anti-Terrorism
Amendments for 1998, expands foreign action
powers, broadens seizures and other provisions:

   http://jya.com/s2536.txt  (38K)

What these confirm is the use of the threat of terrorism
to rapidly eliminate the separation between foreign and 
domestic intelligence, military and law enforcement 

While still mostly aimed at foreign-originated threats,
the provisions now make it possible to turn the full
kennel of the dogs of war loose on disobedient US 
citizens lumped with foreigners impossible to 
understand except as threats to American Justice.