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Sad news ... (... or not ;-)) (http://www.inet-one.com/cypherpunks/current/msg

> At 6:57 PM -0400 on 10/6/98, Petro wrote:>
> >  Who owns the patents, Digicash, or Chaum?>
> DigiCash, Inc., of the US of A, not DigiCash BV, of the Netherlands.>
> Cheers,> Bob Hettinga

Uhm, strange: I thought that the main attraction of a Dutch company was the
lack of withholding tax on royalty payments made to non-residents, that,
combined with the tax treaties between The Netherlands and most countries
(which allow tax-free payment from those countries to the Dutch company),
makes it an ideal vehicle to receive royalties on a (almost) tax-free basis.
But if the patents were held by Digicash Inc., what was the point of having
Digicash BV?