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Have spent the last few weeks going through various web pages describing 
GSM cloning. Some contradicting views, but overall the point is well 
made (and quite correctly) - cloning and/interception/monitering is both 
viable and achieveable.

I recently was commissioned to look into this subject on behalf of a 
client who wished to moniter a GSM phone. Putting aside the rights and 
wrongs of the issue, we realised the objective.

In summary it is possible to moniter/intercept a GSM phone using 2 
pieces of commercially avaliable RACAL equipment, linked via a custom 
made preselector/combiner. The overall setup is easily portable and is 
controlled via a pc.

It goes without saying that RACAL do not market the hardware for the 
above purpose - it has legitimate engineering needs, and is marketed 
under that legimate need. RACAL do not make the precombiner/selector (we 
had to make that) and they do not market the software AT ALL. I suspect 
that they are aware that the hardware in conjunction with the software 
(and access to a combiner/spliter)would give access to interception. 

So you must be thinking what sim parameters (or other parameters) had to 
be programmed into the pc software programme to allow selective 
interception of a GSM phone?

Very little - in fact all that had to be programmed in was the phone 
number of the GSM handset to be targeted - and absolutely nothing else!

It's food for thought.

Best Regards 

[email protected]

*This is not for general distribution on the web, but is shared with you 
on the basis of what appears to be a serious discussion on the subject 
on your side. please respect that aspect of confidentuality and feel 
free to get back to me with any comments you may have. One important 
aspect of the exercise has been deliberatly left out, it has little 
effect on sizing or costing but none-the-less is a requirement. Most 
engineers who understand what is involved in running 2 pieces of rf 
equipment in parrallel (both in TX and RX functions)at the same time 
will understand what is left out.

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