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RE: Request for Assistance


Good luck in your pursuit.  I think, in the future, you might want to offer
us the customary 800 number to call you on to rat on our acquaintances.

Two things worry me about your approach:

1) how do you know what emails I get and why in the world do you think it's
any of your business?

2) is this suspicion by acquaintance?

I'm sure you already know this, but I just recently joined the list so I
know nothing about anything threatening on this list.  The biggest threat I
see is from people publicizing that the government is sniffing out email
addresses and categorizing them based on what they _receive._

Dangerous pursuit, dangerous precedent.

Watch what side you're on.


(although I have to admit, you have a lot of guts to come in here and ask
'free-thinking individuals" to help you gang up on a guy.)

~> -----Original Message-----
~> From: Gordon Jeff INSP [mailto:[email protected]]
~> Sent: Thursday, October 08, 1998 8:42 AM
~> To: '[email protected]'
~> Subject: Request for Assistance
~> Hello,
~> The IRS and United States Attorney's office are looking for assistance
~> in a criminal investigation involving threatening messages which were
~> posted to the Cypherpunks mailing list.  This e-mail address was noted
~> to be one of those which receives the Cypherpunks list.  I would
~> appreciate it if you would contact me to discuss whether you would be
~> willing to assist us in this matter, and what records or information you
~> have relating to the Cypherpunks list.  You can contact me at this
~> e-mail address or at (503) 326-2787.
~> Thanks
~> Jeff