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Re: Web TV with 128b exported

At 2:39 PM -0500 10/7/98, Steve Bryan wrote:
>David Honig wrote:
>>I'd guess that the Export control puppets know that the Web-TV hubs will
>>be subpoena-able by the US even in these other "sovereign" nations.
>>The WebTV centralized infrastructure makes this easy.
>This announcement seems to be getting a lot of this sort of reaction but I
>don't see quite why the news is greeted with such animosity. If a duly
>authorized search warrant is required in order to obtain information that
>represents a potential world of difference from having unrestricted ability
>to monitor all communications.

	Because there are no (or fewer) *technical* barriers to getting the
information, it introduces weakness into the system.
"To sum up: The entire structure of antitrust statutes in this country is a
jumble of economic irrationality and ignorance. It is a product: (a) of a
gross misinterpretation of history, and (b) of rather na´ve, and certainly
unrealistic, economic theories." Alan Greenspan, "Anti-trust"

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