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Re: Something else about 'freedom'...

My suspicion is that this sort of opportunity is *exactly* what they
want. Then *they* get to be the ones using force for coercive ends.
Isn't this the "kill the unbelievers" scenario? Old and revered
behavior. Tribal. Elemental.

I don't think 'freedom' means 'anarchy.' 
Nor does 'anarchy' necessarily mean 'violent lawlessness.' 
And 'rule of law' does not mean 'safety and security.' 

As strong as the need for order is, so is the need for chaos. Remove
either and we lose. 

I think freedom comes from order and knowing what to do with that
freedom comes from chaos. 

No worries, no thoughts or you can't really enjoy an evening martini if
you drink forty-two of them.