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Re: NT 5.0 and EFS -- A victory for widespread use of crypto?

[email protected] writes:
> EFS is being deployed because They realized that with NTFS-readers
> available for other OSes besides NT there was no longer even the illusion
> of security offered by the NT architecture.

This is all true. However, the manner in which you state it sounds
very much like a deliberate attempt to trash Microsoft and NT.

The fact is that the identical arguments could be made toward any of
the standard Unix-like and all other popular operating systems. Linux,
*BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, et al.--even where the vendors have a 
`trusted' version--are all susceptible to the same attacks. Hence, by 
your reasoning, one would have to say that the architectures of every 
one of these operating systems do not offer `even the illusion of 

 - Frondeur