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lets not sit here breeding hatred amongst ourselves over
software licenses, for god's sake. we have more important things
to do. we need to try and implement more different --kinds-- of
crypto applications, like tim says in a recent post. we have to 
work together on this, not spread hard feelings amongst our little
group. (really i think the number of people who can write this kind
of code and who understand the political part is miniscule.)
coopration is key. fucking smash the state.

In a closed-door manuever, controversial "roving wiretap"
provisions have been added to a major Intelligence authorization
bill and passed by the House. Current wiretapping law allows
tapping of a particular person's phones. The new provisions would
dramatically expand current authority by allowing taps on any
phone used by, or "proximate" to, the person being tapped -- no
matter whose phone it is.