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Re: Something else...

>> I think freedom comes from order and knowing what to do with that
>> freedom comes from chaos. 
> Freedom comes from understanding what one can do standing alone,
> naked, in the middle of a wilderness. Everything else is a
> compromise of that.

I was thinking more along the lines of : an animal that has literal
freedom spends 99.9% of its time looking for food and avoiding
predators. The order we impose upon our lives by being social animals
give us a more satisfying type of freedom that is derived from leisure. 

What I see as the real problem is that as the degree of order is
increased the society becomes more like an anthill. Which I consider the
perfect example of a bioengineered police state. Kind of what corporate
America would like all of us citizens to be - predictable controllable
unquestioning undeviating uncreative underthethumb consumer units. A key
means to this end is eliminating cash and privacy. It's no here yet but
it's in process. I don't think it's a conspiratorial effort either -
it's more the result of widespread bad behavior. I'm rather stunned at
the blatant disregard our representatives display for the basic
liberties the moment these liberties seem inconvenient.


Don't trust your HW or your SW. There are soldier ant footprints