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Re: The Cypherpunks Agenda


The reason for the people getting upset and saying shut up and write is the
fact that very few people are mentioning anything about the code.  The
politics discussed are sometimes reasons why we need more code but
unfortunately usually don't give you an idea of what to write.  Personally I
have sat down many times to my keyboard with a disk of code in one hand and
just stared blankly at the screen until giving up and reading the list with
a notebook in hand for any ideas.

I do believe in keeping the political content,  however you can see the
difference betwwen pointless dabate on clinton and debating on what project
should we devote our time to and what causes are we fighting for and how
many bananas a camel can carry.   This message isn't to stifle the ointless
debate it is to spur neww projects,   How do we combine our vast pool of
knowledge to actually produce results?

One funny thing though,  some people filter out anonymous messages that come
from the list,  what does that say about us believing in our own methods.  

- ---- Crey,  What a world I would live in if I really had a say. 

>So where is the _rest_ of the code?
>"Cypherpunks write code" is a mantra to shut up any discussion of which
>building blocks are important to write. And yet most of the mantra chanters
>are actually not writing useful or interesting code, just hacking away in
>their cubicles....
>--Tim May
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