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Here we go again...

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Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 15:14:17 -0800
From: Greg Galbraith <[email protected]>
Subject: <ALERT> Just in time for Halloween


A form of tattoo called "Blue Star" is being sold to school children.

It is a small piece of paper containing a blue star. They are the size of a
pencil eraser and each star contains traces of Lysergic Acid Deithylamide

The drug is absorbed through the skin simply by handling the paper. They
are also brightly colored paper tattoos resembling postage stamps that
have the pictures of the following on them:
              Superman       Mickey Mouse         Butterflies
              Clowns         Disney Characters    Bart Simpson

Each one is wrapped in foil.  This is a new way of selling LSD by appealing
to young children.  These are laced with drugs.  If your child gets any of
the above, do not handle them. These are known to react quickly and
some are laced with strychnine, which may cause irreversible brain damage in
some cases. The drug is addictive and, in the quantities contained in the
above items, can cause children to become additcts.

Please feel free to distribute this article within your community and work

FROM:          J. O'Donnell, Danbury
          Hospital, Outpatient Chemical Dependency
          Treatment Service


Please copy and post!  Give to friends. Send copies to schools.
This is growing faster than we can train parents and professionals.

                                   Many Thanks,


Val G. Armstrong
Assistant to Director
Rehabilitation Administration Program
University of San Francisco
PH: (415) 422-2532
Fax:(415) 422-2551
Internet: [email protected]