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No Subject

Sunday, October 11, 1998 - 01:11:20 MET

It's messages like this which make the cypherpunk mailing list more bearable... NOT :- )

-> Subject: N/A
-> Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 22:18:31 +0200
-> From: Anonymous <[email protected]>
-> To: [email protected]

-> PS. there is someone on this list who knows who i am. yes there is someone who knows who anon
-> posters are. we fucking hate you and am waiting for you to take the trap and we will reveal your identity scumbag.

- Scumbag
Interesting terminology... :- ) I got this nifty little slang dictionary which has this word in it...
"Dictionary of Contemporary Slang" by Tony Thorne... ISBN 1-85980-003-3 [on the back of the dic] and it's worth 12.99 in 
British pounds :- ) Published in 1994
Copyright (c) Tony Thorne 1990
The moral right of author has been asserted
A CIP entry for this book is available from the British Library
Printed in Britain by Clays Ltd, St. Ives plc
ISBN 0 7475 1735 5 [on the second page]

Comments on back of book: More than 5,000 racy and raffish colloquial expressions - from Britain, America, the Caribbean, 
and other English-speaking places.
'Fascinating. Certainty a book I shall want to keep on trucking with.' Daily Mail
'Wonderfully informative.' Observer
Definition of 'fucking': adjective
an intensifier used with other adjectives to emphasis. Like "bloody" it is also one of the very few examples of an 'infix' [a word 
component inserted before the stressed syllable in the middle of a polysyllabic word] in English.
    e.g. 'Jesus, it's f****** cold in here.'
    e.g. 'Abso-fucking-lutely.'

Definition of 'scumbag': noun, [origin] American
a deceptive person. This term of abuse is now widespread and is permitted in the broadcast media, in spite of the fact that its 
origin, unknown to many of its users, is as an obscene phemism for condom, 'scum' being an obsolescent American term for 
semen. The word was adopted by British speakers around 1985.
    e.g.. 'Even scumbags have right here in the USA.' [Red Heat, US film 1988]

Oo and a bottle of rum,

PS: If I remember correctly, the main actors in Red Head were James Belushi, and Arnold Swatznager [something like that]....