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Command confirmation request (6329BE1B)

Your command:

                             PW REP XXXXXXXX

requires confirmation. To  confirm the execution of  your command, simply
point your browser to the following URL:


Alternatively, if  you have no WWW  access, you can reply  to the present
message and type  "ok" (without the quotes) as the  text of your message.
Just the word "ok" - do not  retype the command. This procedure will work
with any mail  program that fully conforms to the  Internet standards for
electronic  mail. If  you receive  an error  message, try  sending a  new
message  to  [email protected]  (without using  the  "reply"
function - this is very important) and  type "ok 6329BE1B" as the text of
your message.

Finally, your  command will be  cancelled automatically if  LISTSERV does
not receive your confirmation within 48h. After that time, you must start
over and resend the command to get a new confirmation code. If you change
your mind and decide that you do  NOT want to confirm the command, simply
discard the present message and let the request expire on its own.