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Re: nonviolent AP variant

if you guys spent any fraction of the amount of time
thinking about "assassination politics" as a way to
improve government, as you did about the legitimate
ways that are already available, I think the world
would soon be turned into a better place.

there are obvious ways of improving the government
that are not being tried. but far easier to take
the nihilistic "cryptoanarchy" pseudo-ideology
of insisting that government is inherently
evil, and any thoughts about improving it are
inherently sinful and misguided, i.e. blasphemous.

the truth is that sheeple are immature and lazy, 
incapable of planning their destiny past the next
6 pack, and therefore fully deserving of their stormy fate
at the hands of a small elite who takes organization
seriously-- with only the small unfortunately twist
that they are all self-serving parasites.

perhaps an economic crash is a natural intermittent human event
that says to the public, "wake up"!! a crisis is always
a sign of a kind of false image crumbling under 
truth/reality which will ultimately puncture all
lies (but will not deliver slaves from self-imposed
slavery, if that is their conscious or unconscious choice).