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5,000 URL Search Engine Submissions - $99 !!! *AD*

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Effective web site promotion is an essential part of just about any 
successful Internet marketing program. Search engine submission is the most 
effective and inexpensive way to advertise your web site on the Internet. 
FTWI will submit your web site URL to 450+ search engines and directories 
once a month for an entire year. This includes all the major search engines 
and directories. Most other submission services you find on the Internet just 
submit your site URL one time at a much higher cost. We are submitting your 
site 12 different times. THAT IS OVER 5,000 URL SUBMISSIONS FOR $99! But 
that's not all!

The fact: search engine submission is worthless if your site isn't search 
engine ready. In addition to this comprehensive submission service, a FTWI 
web design/marketing specialist will inspect the design of your web site and 
give you a detailed report of his findings and suggestions to help get you a 
higher placement in the search engines and directories.  Keyword rich meta 
tags are essential to get your site a high placement in most of the major 
search engines. FTWI will create custom meta tags if your site needs them at 
no extra cost. You will also get feedback on any content or HTML additions 
that might prove beneficial to search engine placement. This service alone is 
worth much more then $99! Most of those other companies don't even know what 
your web pages look like and charge you twice the price!

Once you sign up to promote your site you will be entitled to the following 
special web promotion services. 

Web Page Design: $35.00 hr  ($10 off regular rate)
Submit 2nd URL: $75.00 ($24 off regular price)
Site Inspections: FREE!
Meta Tag Generation: FREE!
Web Promotion Weekly Tips & Tricks: FREE!

Start a traffic jam at your site by taking advantage of this amazing offer!

To order by mail please print and complete the form below. 
For online credit card orders reply to this email with "Order" as the subject 
or send to [email protected]  
You will receive a message with a URL leading you to our secure server for 
online transactions.


FTWI Internet Marketing
[email protected]


FTWI Web Site Submission Order Form

Complete this order form and send it with your check or money order for $99 
made payable to: FTWI

Name: _________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City: _____________________State: _____Zip: ___________
Phone number:_________________Date: ___/___/___
Valid Email Address: _______________________________ 
Web site to submit: http://____________________________

Returned checks are subject to $25 NSF Fee. You will receive an email receipt 
as soon as we receive your payment. Service will start immediately.

Send your order and payment to: 
4019 Goldfinch, Ste. J
San Diego, CA 92103 

This message complies with the proposed United States 
Federal requirements for commercial e-mail bill, Section 301.

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Sender Information:

4019 Goldfinch St, Ste. J
San Diego, CA 92103 

Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further 
transmissions to you by the sender of this e-mail may be 
stopped at NO COST to you by sending a reply to 
[email protected] with the word "remove" in the
subject line.