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Re: Two Jims, Werner and Matt redefine socialism for their own ends

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Martinus Luther wrote:

> I never replied to any of the threads about about monopolies and freedom 
> and government intervention because it was all so off-topic. But 
> *really*. Saying Rosa Luxemburg wasn't a communist is like, totally off 
> the wall: 
> But when Jim Burnes  - much more naive poltically - said it was 

Ahh!  It begins -- typical socialist argumentation.  When you run out of
rational ideas, begin ad hominem attacks (I think I counted at least
five).  I don't have time to rebut this now.  I must report my hours
that I slaved away under last week (damn corporation -- controlling my
life -- i'm being opressed).

I'll take it up later this afternoon.