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A DNA Database can actually be used for many nifty things that will improve
the lives of taxpayers and consumers alike.  For example, if we only had the
resources to sample DNA from every American, then cross reference that DNA
with, say, their CREDIT REPORT, then we'd know what type of genetic make-up
has a predisposition toward not paying their bills and we'd save so many
untold billions of dollars by not lending those genetic deadbeats any more
money.  Interest rates would plummet!  Plus, if you had the _right_ DNA,
they could just approve you on the spot!

If we had a DNA sample of all world citizens, then the pesky problem of the
whole "it was either O.J. that was the killer or there's a one in five
billion chance it was someone else" would simply disappear.

And, just think of the social improvements:  why, if you forget to ask the
name of last nights suitor, you can scrape some DNA samples off the end of
your cat-o-nine-tails, slip it into your M.S. DNA Reader(tm) and instantly
add them to your outlook addressbook.  (That is, if they have good credit,

Man, my verbosity gene is in overdrive today!


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~> Another example of science fiction that probably should have been kept as
~> fiction.
~> FBI to inaugurate national DNA database
~> NEW YORK (Reuters) - The FBI will open a new and improved
~> national DNA database Tuesday that will be used to help
~> stop serial rapists and other repeat criminals, the New
~> York Times reported Monday.
~> (Full story)
~> http://www.sjmercury.com/breaking/docs/084314.htm