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Re: FBI to inaugurate national DNA database

I think it would be a very bad idea for civil liberties groups
to come out 100% against this.  So far all they have said
is that they intend to log all convicted criminals.  If the C.L.
groups complain about that, then it would be too easy for
the FBI to turn around and say, "Geez! These guys complain
about anything and everything we do!"

It would serve the civil liberties causes (and in particular, the
crypto cause) much better to view this with suspicion and
caution and strongly point out that, while this, on its face,
looks okay, the FBI have had a perfect record of always
pushing for more surveillence and more record tracking than
they previously promise to hold to.

Secondly, it is much more important to focus law makers on
the FBI's "constantly pushing for everything they can get
away with while talking BALANCE" behavior than to nickle
and dime every law favoring the FBI.  They must be shown
for their blatant lies rather than for their gray area behavior.

Otherwise, it's a very very tough battle.


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Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 9:31 AM
Subject: FBI to inaugurate national DNA database

>SJMC retails a report from today's NYT:
>Executive summary:
>- Computer at secret location
>- Access limited to LE
>- All sex offenders get to contribute; felons in some States;
>  other contributors not yet determined. 
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