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Gates v 2.0

Besides the FBI's DNA database, in today's (Oct. 12th, 1998) 
New York Times is a John Markoff commentary "
Memo Offers a Glimpse of Gates 2.0" about a 14 page 
memo written by Bill Gates in Sept., entitled "The Era Ahead".

In this memo, Gates "describes a new system to be called Megaserver
which will provide computer users with access to their personal
information and electronic mail wherever they have an Internet 

Holy Hotmail Batman! That Bill is right on top of things!

Further along, the article paraphases Bill that that the operating 
system "will play an increasing role in protecting intellectual piracy
against from data piracy by tracking the use of information
and preventing illicit copying."

I can see my future now, logging into Windows 2000 with the handy 
keyboard DNA sampler. However, all of my software is registered to 
my dog. Here boy...