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Re: _PI_ movie

I agree that there were one too many "tortured genius staring in the mirror while flooded by angst" scenes. Okay, perhaps two or three too many. That having been said, I found the themes interesting. Maybe I am sophomoric, but I will always find the fibonacci constant facsinating. I was impressed that the director did not overstep the bounds of his understanding of it and Kabbalah. Many directors who broach either topic have a tendency to take what little they know and extrapolate off into meaninglessness. Also, I liked the soundtrack, and the scene where the protaganist  is "saved" by the group of Hasids. (Were they in an Aries K car? I found that scene hilarious.)
Yes, it was pretentious in parts; but given the topics this film concerned itself with, that was inevitable. And I would watch the film 3.1416...times a day for a week before I would watch any of the current slew of politcally correct propaganda pretending to be art that gets pumped out by Hollywood. I venture to guess that there was more to think about in Pi then there was in "One True Thing" or will be in "Beloved."
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P.S. Has anyone seen the 2nd edition of "Maximum Security" yet? Any reviews?