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> If we had a DNA sample of all world citizens, then the pesky problem
> of the whole "it was either O.J. that was the killer or there's a one
> in five billion chance it was someone else" would simply disappear.

I'm not a biochemist but I don't think that this is accurate right now.
I think modern DNA analysis yields data that bear more resemblance to a
spectrum than anything else. In this case there is always a good
possibility for error. Remember how large a project the Human Genome
thing is? That is an actual sequencing project.

Rather than use this technology for law enforcement why not really try
to make a Tyrannosaurus? That would seem to be a higher use.

When this new FBI project gets established just watch how wide a net
they cast when defining who will be compelled to submit a sample!

Then we'll have some crooked fuck selling info to the insurance
companies. Or it will be legislated by the other crooked fucks.

And pattern analysis will identify the guilty before they even think
about committing an offense. 

Hell, they'll probably be able to ID the bad ones from samples
coerced/stolen at birth and then all future opportunity and resource
allocation will be effectively decided by the government, inc.

Compromise? If this thing is not implemented with strict controls
defining the type of offenses included then it is as offensive a
totalitarian tool as anything else discussed on this list


Is there perhaps a good point to getting everybody in the country on
this DNA database? Could it be that a single sample of DNA can be used
to produce a large supply of that DNA which could then be used to
fabricate evidence? You might say that the existence of the fabrication
technology and the availability of seed material invalidates the