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IP: Tracking: F.B.I.'s new national DNA database

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Subject: IP: Tracking: F.B.I.'s new national DNA database
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 02:05:53 -0500
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Source:  WorldNetDaily

F.B.I.'s new national DNA database 
Secret computer set to open for business 

The FBI is set open a new national DNA data base
tomorrow, The New York Times reports.

The data base, with a new generation of forensic DNA
techniques, is designed to catch repeat offenders, but
civil libertarians fear it will be expanded from people
convicted of crimes to include almost everyone, giving
the government inordinate investigative powers over

The national DNA data base, housed in a secret
location, actually consists of 50 data bases run by the
states but unified by common test procedures and
software designed by the FBI. As of tomorrow, the
Times reports, it will be possible to compare a DNA
sample from a suspect or crime scene in one state with
all others in the system. 

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