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Re: What it's like to get a subpoena (re Toto)

Jim Choate writes about his visit from IRS agents in relation to Toto.

Jim Choate writes:
> I was visited by two nicely mannerd IRS agents this morning. We
> talked for about an hour or so about Cypherpunks, CJ, Austin,
> majordomo, etc. In the process I was served with a subpoena from the
> Western District of Washington [...]
> I explained how majordomo works, how to manipulate majordomo to get
> lists of subscribers (I used the SSZ subscriber list as an example),
> and described the time in July (I believe) when CJ/Toto/aka visited
> the local meeting. We also discussed the potential for altering
> email traffic through a remailer.

Perhaps they lack proof that the message in question was sent to the
list, very little is signed, and Toto surrounded himself with

Not that it makes much difference that I can see -- the issue is
surely whether CJ wrote the post, and whether the post and the AP
mockup constitutes a credible threat.  (That they apparently think
Toto's AP mockup was credible shows a lack of understanding).

> I've made it clear I have no problems answering their questions but
> have no desire to go to Seattle in Nov. or any other time. They are
> looking into whether a deposition given here would be sufficient for
> their needs. Until then I'm getting ready for a 2-3 day trip to
> Seattle in Nov.....

I don't see why they're bothering you, I wonder if the other majordomo
operators have received, or shortly will receive similar visits.

Perhaps we could send archive URLs to Jeff Gordon.

> I'm currently trying to decide whether to scan and post the subpoena
> on the SSZ webpage.

Sure please do.

> It's interesting that they requested archives of the list. 

I would have thought Jeff Gordon, the IRS agent investigating Toto,
would be subscribed to the list, at least via an alias.

Also, there are several operational cypherpunks list archives

> Please don't call or send private email requesting further
> details. They didn't ask me to keep any of our discussion
> confidential but until I better understand what is going on I'm
> taking the conservative course (I had a big fight with myself about
> whether to even post this).

Well thanks for making it.  I say make it all public, FWIW.