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Re: Ex-NSA Cryptanalyst

At 6:31 PM -0700 10/13/98, John Young wrote:
>We'd like to get the affidavit, search warrants and complaint
>for the ex-NSA cryptanalyst, David Sheldon Boone, arrested
>for spying to see what the specific allegations are. See court
>docket below.
>News reports say he is being held in Alexandria, VA, so a
>lead to a legal doc retrieval service in that area would be
>Or should anyone have the docket-listed docs, copies would be

This focus on former list members is getting tiresome.

We knew him as Davy Boone, of course, and helped him develop new modes of
communication to undermine the state. The proprietary managerial techniques
he transferred to the Soviets, helping to turn them into Pointy Hair
Managers, hastened the collapse of the U.S.S.R.

Something all crypto anarchists should support.

And for this Davy Boone is being persecuted? Gimme a break.

We need more digital cutouts, not fewer.

--Tim May

Y2K: A good chance to reformat America's hard drive and empty the trash.
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