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INFO-RUSS: moving to Chicago... (fwd)

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Subject: INFO-RUSS: moving to Chicago...

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1. I am going to move in Chicago in the end of this year and I am 
looking for a job there.

Brief information: Belarussian State University (mathamatics dep.), 
Ph.D. in mathematics (algebra, arithmetic geometry) in 1995, during 
some period was interested in algebraic methods in the image 
processing, now dealing with mathematical (algebraic and partially 
statistical) methods in data security (cryptography), programming 
experience in Visual C++ 5.0 (C++, MFC, DB, ActiveX by MFC). I 
am ready to sent my CV, list of my papers, and any other detailed 
information needed. 

I am also looking for colleagues everywhere!

2. By the way, in some info-russ letters the problem of e-mail 
privacy was discussed. I would like to write some words on that 
topic. There is always a great risk that your envelope can be opened 
before its arrival. And there is the unique way to keep the privacy:
encrypt the letter before sending. It is especially important, if 
your letter contains your bank account number, credit card number and 
so on. The same situation takes place in case of e-mail. The 
cheapest, simplest, and most reliable way is to apply some 
cryptosystem (with either public or private key). Good cryptosystems 
are totally practically unbreakable. You can use coding programs 
built in your Internet browser, in your e-mail program or separate 
encrypting-decrypting programs (for example, PGP). Attention: the 
export of crypto programs is strictly forbidden by the american law. 
But everyone can get such programs by Internet on the European 
servers without any restrictions. Some nice helpful books on that 
- "Personal Computer Security" by Ed Tiley (for users),
- "Internet Security Secrets" by John R. Vacca (both for users and 
- "Handbook of Applied Cryptography" by Alfred Menezes and others 
                                                 (for specialists).
Best regards,

     [email protected]