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DNA of identical siblings is identical?  I guess that makes sense, since
we're really split after conception...  so explain why my brother has smooth
hands and fingers with almost no prints (lucky bastard!) and mine look like
mother teresa's face... (probably more now than before, eh?)


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~> DNA testing can never prove anything.  It can rule out someone completely
~> and statistically make it
~> very unlikely to be anyone else.  But what about identical
~> sib's.  They all
~> have exactly the same DNA!
~> There are cases of such children where one becomes a pillar of
~> society and
~> the other less so.
~> A DNA database would allow loads of stuff to be done.  How about
~> a designed
~> disease or toxin that
~> only affects certain gene carriers.  This could be added to the
~> food chain
~> at any time you wanted
~> to incapacitate a particular person or group of people without
~> comprimising
~> any one else.
~> Fun hmmm!!!