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Re: more Toto keys... so what's it all mean

Adam Back <[email protected]> summarizes the Toto-files by noting
>As to what it means -- it means that one or more others could have
>been the author of the message the IRS claim Carl Johnson wrote.  Heck
>anyone could sign posts with that key now.

This suggests that a cynical, paranoid, person could create a
"deniable" signature key by doing what "Toto" did:

1. Choosing a key length that a "very competent attacker" (i.e.
   a TLA), and only a "very competent attacker", could factor.
2. Signing a message and leaving the public key that signed
   that message on a public site.

Now, when you are accused of signing a message, you can raise
a "reasonable doubt" defence by claiming that the TLA may have
reconstructed the private key that signed the message in question.

Martin Minow
[email protected]