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No Subject


>The IRS and United States Attorney's office are looking for assistance in
>a criminal investigation involving threatening messages which were posted
>to the Cypherpunks mailing list.  This e-mail address was noted to be one
>of those which receives the Cypherpunks list.  I would appreciate it if
>you would contact me to discuss whether you would be willing to assist us
>in this matter, and what records or information you have relating to the
>Cypherpunks list.  You can contact me at this e-mail address or at (503)

Sorry, but I am not aware of any threating messages posted to this list. Of course I can see how your organization may consider calls by the citizens for a return to a Constitutional government a "threat".

I woun't be calling you but I will be calling my congressman and senator in the morning reaffirming my support for a flat tax and the abolishment of the IRS.

Have a nice day,