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Re: Gary Burnore vs. Earth (Was: Value of Annon. Remailers)

   >   From: Missouri FreeNet Administration <[email protected]>
   >   Obviously, as defenders of this man's right to post material offensive
   >   to Burnore, we too came under attack.

One man's attack is another's defense.

   >   	The point here is that what little survives about this lunatic child
   >   molester (he has even successfully had his North Carolina Sex Offender record
   >   removed!),...

Gee, why don't you ask North Carolina why, in writing?

   >   Yes, I know, at least half of you are sitting here going "now why did they
   >   bother us with that?".  The answer is we feel VERY strongly that if not for
   >   what [little] we were able to find as a result of A/R's, we would never have
   >   been able to figure this clown out at all.  And loco though he may be, he is
   >   also a *prodigious* pain in the ass,...

Again, ying/yang.

Let us know when you have an original thought.