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Re: Use encryption to foil spooks' data harvesting, says US state dept

Anonymous wrote:
> http://ds.state.gov/documents/protect.doc
> transmission of competitive information.
> ·Many telecommunications transmissions will contain "key words", used to

HUM SOunds like the idea of the 'auto record'  I say a keyword on the
phone and wham I am being recorded to see *IF* I am some sort of
terrorist trying to overthrow the government, get stuff that I should
not have like a fully functional missile and what not.  

Do you all believe this?  I do. I can not say why but I do.
(Actually I could say why but it is two long stories.)

Do you believe this is done in phone calls in the US based on the
telephone switch doing the monitoring and it monitors ALL calls not just
those that go over seas???  I believe so...  See my above statement.

Have you been recorded before??? I believe I have....  WHY???  Well, if
you ask that then you do not belong on this group!

			- lhe