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IP: Fwd: 10/13/98 MSNBC Special Report on Chem/Bio Attack; Tonight

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Subject: IP: Fwd: 10/13/98 MSNBC Special Report on Chem/Bio Attack; Tonight
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 01:58:55 EDT
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Subject: 10/13/98  MSNBC Special Report on Chem/Bio Attack; Tonight
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EmergencyNet News Resource Announcement

10/13/98 - 15:00CDT

MSNBC Special Report on Chem/Bio Attack; Tonight

Chicago, IL (EmergencyNet News) -- According to program announcements,
MSNBC, on "The News with Brian Williams," will present a Special Report on a
potential chemical attack on a U.S. city. The program is scheduled for
tonight at 21:00EDT/18:00PDT.

Courtesy of:

Emergency Response & Research Institute
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