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son (Gomez is coming!)

Son of Mother Of All Chapters -- SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!

July, 1948:
The moment has come when the costumes, the grease paint, the falsely

colored scenery, the technicolored spotlights and all the other artifices
makeYDup should be put aside and, in the interest of truth, the solid
about the play and the players revealed to the people. 
~ The Roosevelt Myth, Preface to the Popsvox PublishingR edition 

Dec. 7, 1941
The Lake of Life has started to turn over. The bottom is rising to
the top, the 
top is descending to the bottom, and everything is becoming the opposite
what it seems to be.
~ Vice-Admiral B. D'Shauneaux, USN


Version 1.7, Rev B:
Saturday morning, March 4, 1933...the conquering Democrats poured into

the city...
Only a week before an assassin's bullet had barely missed Roosevelt.
struck Anton Cermak, the Bohemian mayor and boss of Chicago, who with

Al Smith, had opposed Roosevelt's nomination...and died a few days

Version 2.7, Rev. 3:
On February 1, 1933, in Miami, Florida Giuseppe Zangara fired five
shots a President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was making an 
impromptu speech while sitting in an open car that had stopped momentarily.

Although none of the shots hit President Roosevelt, Zangara mortally

wounded Anton Cermak, the Mayor of Chicago, and hit four other people,
including a Secret Service agent.

Version 3.9, Rev. 2-B:
On February 15, 1933, Zangara attended a speech given by Roosevelt
Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida.
When Roosevelt had finished his talk and was preparing to leave, Zangara

pulled out a pistol and opened fire.
Zangara wounded five people who had been near the president-elect,
two of 
them seriously. Most critically injured was Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak,

who was struck by the bullet in the chest which then lodged in his

Version 4.9, Rev. 8C:
The parade car moved slowly down the street as President-elect Roosevelt

and Mayor Cermak smiled and waved. The car stopped and President-elect

Roosevelt gave a speech while sitting on the back of the car. A man
Guiseppe Zangara pushed through the crowd. He fired five shots at the

President-elect. The bullets hit four people and Mayor Cermak.

Version 15.6, Rev. 7:
On March 6, Mayor Cermak died from complications stemming
from the shooting. The same day Zangara was indicted by a
grand jury and charged with first degree murder in the death of
Cermak. His trial began on March 9 and ended on March 11
with a guilty verdict and a death sentence. The prisoner was
transported to the Florida State Prison at Raiford, where he was
executed on March 20, 1933. 

Version 18.9, Rev. 5D:
Mayor Anton J. Cermak died three weeks later, on March 8, 1933. His

body was taken back to Chicago and buried in the Bohemian National

Guiseppe Zangara was executed in the electric chair on March 21, 1933.

That was only 13 days after Mayor Cermak died.

Version 32.9, Rev. 12:
Consider the case of Guiseppe Zangara, who was executed in 1933 for

attempted assassination of President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in
Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak was fatally shot. Zangara pleaded guilty
state court on March 10, was sentenced to death, and was executed on
March 20 -- an interval of 10 days!

Version 82, Rev. 5Q:
After Roosevelt had delivered a speech in Florida on February 14, 1938,

Guiseppe Zangara, an unemployed bricklayer, fired six shots from a
at Roosevelt from twelve yards away. The president-elect, who was sitting
in an open car, was uninjured but five other people were shot, including

Chicago mayor Anton Cernak, who was killed. 

Version 95, Rev. 8:
On February 15, 1933, Guiseppe Zangara rose early...