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attribution for 384 bit BlackNet factoring (Re: ATTN:, sog's keys 4 sale)

Jim Gillogly writes:
> Adam Back writes:
> > Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID
> > pub   384/5A5AD16B 1994/02/11 *** KEY REVOKED ***
> >                               BlackNet<[email protected]>
> >
> > A revoked key, and a rather small key size, this rings a bell, some of
> > you may recall that some time ago Paul Leyland factored that key.
> For the record, that key was factored by a team consisting of Paul Leyland,
> Arjen Lenstra, Alec Muffett, and Jim Gillogly.

Yes sorry about that.  The name that I remembered in association with
the attack was Leyland, probably because he posted the announce.

Credit where credit is due.